Apetrans is a Private Equity Company, founded on September 23, 1996 by Apetrei Petru, and initially intended for international passenger transport.

The main object of activity is domestic and international transport of people.

We anticipate the wishes of our travelers, so we constantly invest in technology and professionalism.

We create, develop and implement performance booking systems, fleet monitoring systems, data management, all tailored to the business needs specific to this activity.

Our efforts are aimed at streamlining services, personalizing offers according to the typology of each person we are addressing.

We are renowned for being able to satisfy the most complex passenger transport services, thanks to the many buses we offer for travel in the country and abroad.

Thanks to the continuous improvement of the transport conditions, the quality of the services and the facilities offered, more than 300 000 people prefer us every year.

In CURSE CHARTER, we offer modern coaches and minibuses for transport to any destination in Europe.

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